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About TRUEtest

TRUEtest is India’s first platform to offer various online assessments that can enable people to discover their career orientation, aptitude as well as personality and leadership traits. Thousands of people across the world have taken TRUEtest assessments to identify the right job and career options for themselves. TRUEtest also offers career counselling and career management services. In partnership with NSDC and eSkill India, TRUEtest is delighted to enable higher ‘employability’ for Indian youth.

About eSkillIndia Portal (

e-Skill India, e-learning aggregator portal, is the first of its kind eSkilling platform that leverages the skilling opportunities by combining eContent from various players across the ecosystem thus bridging the gap between the supply and demand. Collaborating with multinational organizations, academic institutions, government and non-government organizations, e-Skill India aggregates courses through a network of specialized and experienced knowledge partners. Offering high-quality, new and emerging courses in diverse sectors, it aims to reach skill seekers via a single learning platform.

About NSDC (

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is a not-for-profit public limited company incorporated on July 31, 2008 as Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. The Government of India through Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) holds 49% of the share capital of NSDC, while the private sector has the balance 51% of the share capital. NSDC aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality and for-profit vocational institutions. Further, the organisation provides funding to build scalable and profitable vocational training initiatives. Its mandate is also to enable support system which focuses on quality assurance, information systems and train the trainer academies either directly or through partnerships. NSDC acts as a catalyst in skill development by providing funding to enterprises, companies and organizations that provide skill training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking the Career Profiler test helps you to understand your top preferred job options, based on your personality orientation. The test report will point you towards job choices you can make, but you may choose the profession that you are interested.
The Career Profiler test uses scientific methods to identify your personality orientation, which in turn points towards job roles that you are most likely to be successful on. You have the liberty to choose the profession that interests you the most based on the recommendations.
The test is a generic one, requiring no preparation before taking the test. The only requirement is to answer the question honestly, ensuring you choose an answer that you are already doing or what you are likely to do; rather than what is the best thing to do. This will ensure you get the most appropriate reflection of your preferences. Remember, there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers in Career Profiler tests.
Click here to download the pdf document that details the steps to take the test.
As an NSDC participant, this test is offered to you ‘free’.
If you access the test by logging into your eSkillIndia account, there is no need to insert the coupon code. However, if you choose to access the test directly without logging into the eSkillIndia portal, you will need to insert the coupon code at the time of TRUEtest Signup process.
TRUEtest will conduct group webinars to explain how to interpret the report. These dates will be announced from time to time. Please keep visiting the NSDC website to know the dates.
TRUEtest is not an employment agency or a job portal. However, we are in the domain of making people more employable so that they may benefit from the jobs available in the market or be able to enhance their career if they are already working. Majority of the people are unable to secure good jobs because they either lack the skills or because they are not trying for the jobs, they are most suited for. In a lot of cases, it is because they do not understand what the industry wants. TRUEtest focuses on strengthening each of these components. In the future, we will however be developing employment solutions for our users.
The special offer is applicable to NSDC participants only. If your friends and family are enrolled in the NSDC database, feel free to encourage them to take the test. The ‘Coupon Code’ in such cases will be valid.